Success Is A Process E-book- Free!!

Hello everyone! Please take time to check out my book (e-book version, paperback available at later date). It’s a quick read that students can easily relate to. Click here to get your copy! This promotion ends November 27!

The Choice is Yours!

Do you want it or not? Do you want that education? Do you want to become more fit? Do you desire to be your own boss? Everyone wants, but not everyone takes action.  It is easy to simply want something; it takes no real effort.  When you take consistent action, you put yourself outside of … Continue reading The Choice is Yours!

Understanding The Process: Guest Blogger Sam Choi of Simple Wisdom

Hello Everyone.  I am excited to say that I have a guest contributor to Mr. Rodge's Neighborhood.  This writer shares their various personal and professional experiences to provide down to earth, practical insights into our daily lives.  Please welcome Sam Choi of Simple Wisdom Web and Blog. Now, besides cooking, there was a few things … Continue reading Understanding The Process: Guest Blogger Sam Choi of Simple Wisdom

Resolve In Our Resolutions

Happy New Year’s everyone!  The New Year brings with it an opportunity to start anew.  In our culture, it is quite common to make New Year’s resolutions.  The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a resolution as “the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc.”  A resolution is basically a goal.  I think … Continue reading Resolve In Our Resolutions