Available Presentations

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Mr. Rodge is unique in his ability to effectively relate to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.  He draws upon his experiences as an educator to engage youth; he uses his experiences as a leader in a variety of capacities to relate to adults.

Rodgers Speaks currently has the following motivational presentations which can be customized to meet the needs of your group, whether it’s a elementary/middle/high school, higher education, support group/facility, business, or any other type of organization:

  • It’s Not for Sale:  Many people long for success, but what are we willing to do for it (within reason)?  This presentation uses the analogy of a price list to understand the cost of being great.  Can be customized for all ages and backgrounds.
  • Y.A.L.E. (You Are Leaders Everyday):  No, this is not related to that great university in Connecticut.  This presentation is great for all because the reality is that we are ALL leaders in some form or fashion.  This philosophy is based on the idea that if everyone (students, parents, teachers, etc.) functioned with the qualities of EFFECTIVE leaders, we could improve productivity and culture of our workplaces, schools, and homes.  This presentation can be customized to address bullying for youth audiences, parenting for parents, and productivity for businesses.
  • Good Things Are Supposed to Happen to Me:  The biggest obstacle most of us have in achieving our goals is the person we see in the mirror.  This presentation addresses the power we have to chart our own destiny.  Great for people or groups who seek to change their “mental culture.”
  • The Obstacle Course:  How do you view challenges?  How are they addressed?  Are most people who enjoy success simply fortunate?  This presentation addresses the realities of challenges in life through the personal testimony and insights of Mr. Rodge.  Can be customized for groups of all ages, types, and backgrounds.
  • A New Season:  Mr. Rodge believes that sports emulates life in many ways and provides us great, compact examples we can apply to our lives.  In this presentation, he uses the analogy of a new season and the accompanying adversities most sports teams face as a comparison with our day to day lives.  Can be customized for groups of all ages, types, and backgrounds.

Rodgers Speaks can customize a presentation on the following topics for school faculties:

  • Special education from the perspective of an educator/parent.  Being a parent to a special needs child has given me some unique insights that are often overlooked by the education system.
  • Classroom management using the TALE approach (Teachers Are Leaders Everyday).  T.A.L.E. is an approach to classroom management using principles of effective leadership.  This approach is designed with the goal of empowering teachers with a leader’s skills and mindset to improve behavior in their classroom.
  • Building Positive Relationships:  Whether it be with students, parents, or coworkers, positive relationships increase satisfaction and productivity.
  •  Unfortunately, there are “elephants in the room” that hinder relationships that need to be acknowledged before true progress can be made.
  • Motivation: Understanding the “success” process.
  • Growth Mindset
  • Leadership
  • Strategies to relate to those with mental and intellectual disabilities.

If you are interested in having Rodgers Speaks at your event, click here or email rodgersspeaks2016@outlook.com.

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