Understanding The Process: Guest Blogger Sam Choi of Simple Wisdom

Hello Everyone.  I am excited to say that I have a guest contributor to Mr. Rodge’s Neighborhood.  This writer shares their various personal and professional experiences to provide down to earth, practical insights into our daily lives.  Please welcome Sam Choi of Simple Wisdom Web and Blog. Now, besides cooking, there was a few things … More Understanding The Process: Guest Blogger Sam Choi of Simple Wisdom

It Starts With You!

Do you desire to better yourself or situation?  It all starts with YOU.  YOU must believe in yourself.  YOU have to believe what you are doing is going to work.  YOU have to believe opportunities will arise that are FOR YOU.  Trying to better yourself or situation is never easy.  It always requires leaving our comfort … More It Starts With You!

The Road To Success

I once heard a motivational speaker say, “You are going to fail your way to success.”  Kind of intimidating if you think about it, right?  Hearing that might discourage some from even trying to chase their dreams.  However, if your mind isn’t conditioned to deal with disappointment to some degree, then it probably is not … More The Road To Success

4 Factors Needed to Achieve Your Goals

We are all seeking to be successful at something, whether it be our work, health, relationships, or finances, to name a few.  Accomplishing our goals requires a certain mindset.  I have observed the following qualities in those who have achieved success: Vision: Having a vision means identifying your purpose and understanding your ability to achieve … More 4 Factors Needed to Achieve Your Goals