It Starts With You!

Do you desire to better yourself or situation?  It all starts with YOU.  YOU must believe in yourself.  YOU have to believe what you are doing is going to work.  YOU have to believe opportunities will arise that are FOR YOU.  Trying to better yourself or situation is never easy.  It always requires leaving our comfort … More It Starts With You!

Talk Is Cheap!

Talk is cheap!  It really is.  Think about it.  It costs you nothing.  It takes extremely minimal effort to do.  Talk is important for communication, but the communication must be followed by action.  How many things can be accomplished by simply saying that you are going to accomplish them?  None come to mind off right … More Talk Is Cheap!

4 Factors Needed to Achieve Your Goals

We are all seeking to be successful at something, whether it be our work, health, relationships, or finances, to name a few.  Accomplishing our goals requires a certain mindset.  I have observed the following qualities in those who have achieved success: Vision: Having a vision means identifying your purpose and understanding your ability to achieve … More 4 Factors Needed to Achieve Your Goals

How You See It: 3 Ways to Change Your Perception

How you see things is everything.  There are some people we know who suffer through some truly horrific circumstances in their lives, but are seemingly happy.  Then, there are some who that had a lot of things in their favor and are unhappy.  Heck, I remember watching a program where the person acknowledged they had … More How You See It: 3 Ways to Change Your Perception