7 Reasons Why Smart, Hardworking People Don’t Become Successful (from Addicted 2 Success)

Most of us believe we are smart and hardworking, which makes this a great list to reflect upon.  Click  Addicted 2 Success to gain insight into why success may elude us.


5 Steps to Accomplishing Your Goals (You’re on Track Part 2)

Success is a process, not an event.  Here are 5 steps to help us achieve success: Make a commitment to yourself. It has to become a part of you. You can: Write your goal down. Make a poster or screensaver of the goal. Set a daily reminder on your phone of your goal. A support … Continue reading 5 Steps to Accomplishing Your Goals (You’re on Track Part 2)

Happy Holidays??

The Holiday Season is a time for spiritual appreciation and fellowship with friends and family.  Unfortunately, popular culture is transforming the Holiday Season into a yearly occurrence of heightened consumerism.  The pressure to purchase and give seems to be increasing with each year that passes. This Holiday Season, I have been encouraged to reflect upon … Continue reading Happy Holidays??