Good vs. Great

My youngest daughter is a level 4 gymnast. As a result, I’ve had the opportunity to go to numerous competitions. If you’ve ever been to or witnessed a gymnastics meet, you were probably amazed at the level of skill the gymnasts display to perform their routines. It is quite incredible. They must remember the moves … More Good vs. Great

Every Kid Deserves A Book Campaign

Rodgers Speaks, The Educator Motivator, is conducting a fundraising campaign to provide money for underprivileged kids to purchase books at their respective campus’s book fairs.  Many kids want books but are unable to afford them.  Please go to the campaign’s link to learn more.  Please share the campaign.  Thanks in advance!

Follow the Leader- 7 Qualities of Effective Leaders (original post)

What qualities make great leaders?  This is an important question, especially in this election year, since we will be electing a new president for our country.  Leaders are faced with significant challenges, temptations, and responsibilities at any level.  Here are a few qualities I have observed and appreciate of effective leaders: Ability to listen and … More Follow the Leader- 7 Qualities of Effective Leaders (original post)