Good vs. Great

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My youngest daughter is a level 4 gymnast. As a result, I’ve had the opportunity to go to numerous competitions. If you’ve ever been to or witnessed a gymnastics meet, you were probably amazed at the level of skill the gymnasts display to perform their routines. It is quite incredible. They must remember the moves and perform them competently and safely. At the end of every meet, medals are given for 1st place, 2nd place, and so on. There are typically 10-20 gymnasts competing for medals based on skill level and age.

I was at a meet recently.  They were announcing the placements of the gymnasts, first place all way to fifteenth place.  What occurred to me at that moment is that most of these young ladies were all very skilled and performed the events without no obvious flaws.  They could all do the moves and skills.  However, it was something small that separated each one from being that 1st place or 7th place finisher.  Now, let’s transfer that over into our lives.  We all set goals, but a lot of times it is something small that we are not doing that is separating us from reaching the next level.  Something small could make a BIG difference!  It could be spending a few extra minutes on a task or exercise.  It might be listening more instead of talking.  Or it could be doing less of something, such as TV or social media.  Small changes can equal big changes in results.  Success is a process, not an event!


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