Reaching the Next Level


How many of you have seen the commercials and infomercials for exercise equipment and programs? Have you noticed that the people in these advertisements generally appear to be in great shape? They always seem to have a smile on their face. They also seem to be using the equipment or program with ease, right? If someone didn’t know any better, it would seem as though improving our physiques is a leisurely undertaking. However, most know this is not the case! Improving our bodies and conditioning is a demanding task which can cause you some discomfort and pain along the way. There will be sweat and strain. It is certainly not as glamorous as the ads make it out to be!


The same principles that apply to changing our physique apply to improving ourselves, whether it is our education, careers, starting a business, or simply getting your life together.  Whatever you are trying to do, you will likely experience some pain & strain along the way. Pain may come from a lack of resources. The amount of sacrifice and effort needed can generate stress. Setbacks can cause emotional pain. This is simply all part of the process. Our bodies require us to strain and sweat in order to reach a higher level of conditioning and health. There is no way around it.  Even though it is a great sacrifice, it is well worth it for the improvements to our health.  Well, guess what? Just like our bodies, we must go through pains in order to reach our goals. It is not easy. Sometimes you will want to quit. That is normal. Ask anyone who has sought to do things on a higher level; many will tell you that they considered throwing in the towel along the way.  However, they will all tell you this:  THE KEY IS NOT TO QUIT!  The grind is worth it in the end.  It takes a lot for all of us, myself included, to stay encouraged and reach the next level.  Success is a process and not an event!


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