Staying Balanced (Too Much vs. Too Little)

FindingYourBalanceOne day, two friends make a pledge to train for a marathon.  Neither one is what you would consider to be a runner.  Friend # 1 is a slacker, Friend # 2 is overly ambitious and does everything 100 mph.  After 2 weeks, Friend # 1 has done absolutely nothing.  Friend #2 has trained everyday at peak intensity, but is now in pain and has an injury.  Overtraining is just as damaging as doing nothing at all.

Let’s apply what happened to the friends with our goals and ambitions.  We do not want to be like Friend #1.  We won’t reach our goals if we just sit around and do nothing.  We must take consistent action.  As the saying goes, nothing changes if nothing changes.  However, when we take action, we must be careful not to overextend ourselves.  “Doing the most” or doing too much, can be just as harmful.  Our minds and spirits can wear down, just like our bodies, and impact our health, spirit, and relationships.  Yes, it takes drive and energy to chase your dreams, but 100% on one day doesn’t have to be the same 100% on another day.  The best coaches structure their programs to vary in intensity.  A team will not have super intense, draining practices everyday.  The most recognized organizations in our world today value work/life balance for their employees.  Balance and consistency are keys to staying on the path to accomplishment.  We must find balance in our lives, which will give us the long term stamina we need to in chasing our dreams and goals.


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