Help Wanted……and Needed!

grow-your-blogWhat advice or methods do you have to “grow” a blog?  What can us inexperienced bloggers do to take our blogs to the next level?  Please leave feedback in the comments section.  Any and all advice is appreciated!


22 thoughts on “Help Wanted……and Needed!

  1. Mills, reading and following other blogs is essential to growth. If bloggers see that you regularly read their content and take time to comment, then they will visit your site to see if it interests them. If it does, they’ll follow. I read 20-25 blogs each night (except Fridays which is date night), and I also created a list of my faves so I don’t miss any of their posts. Also, go to virtual blogging parties. You reblog the host’s blog post and leave your link in their comments. People will visit that site all weekend, and as a result, they’ll visit your page. You must return the favor. Notice that I read your posts and comment regularly. 🙂

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    1. I have read that it is important to be active on other blogs. Online classes were taking up a lot of time, but I decided to put that on hold to devote more time to my passions of speaking and blogging. Thanks for your feedback!

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      1. I feel if it is subject matter you truly identify with, you can produce content that will appeal to someone. It really all about identifying and finding your target audience.

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  2. Find a few blogs that you really enjoy reading. Ask yourself what is it that attracts you to their site? Look at some of the ones that have been at it awhile such as Dream Big, Dream Often- Danny is great to partner up with which is what I did and he writes great stuff and genuinely cares about helping others grow their blog. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun with it. I’ve read some of your posts-you’re doing great- keep going 🙂 Pepper
    p.s. I’m a teacher too

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  3. My approach is to visit blogs, read and comment where possible. This I do every morning before making my posts. Then throughout the day if I’m not busy I’ll pass through again to catch up on what I’ve missed.

    I also agree with Michelle, we can’t build a relationship without spending quality time. Take note however that not every blog you visit or follow will return the favor but do not let that dampen your spirit.

    Blogs party are also great to attend. You will meet lots of new friends so I encourage you to visit these parties whenever they are around. Here is the link to one of the best blog party that I have been attending since I started blogging: it’s happening this weekend so please pay a visit.

    In the meantime, happy blogging and all the best.


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