5 Qualities to be Exceptional


I once heard someone say to be exceptional you must be the exception.  Being exceptional means being a success.  We know success is a process, not an event.  To be exceptional, you must:

  1. Have a positive attitude. You must believe in what you are doing.  You must have a can-do attitude.  The glass is half full, not half empty.  Being positive doesn’t mean you are unaware of challenges or that bad things won’t happen to you.  You will have setbacks.  Exceptional people don’t dwell on their setbacks or do much complaining.
  1. Find your talent/passion. Unfortunately, talents in our culture seem to be connected to athletics or entertainment.  There are many talents outside of those areas, such as leading, educating, and trade skills, to name a few.  The majority of talents/passions take time to discover and develop; we may not have a clue what our talent is until we are far into adulthood.
  1. Be different. The majority of people will not understand what you do and why you do it.  People will have doubts; that’s ok.  You need like-minded people who can offer insight and support.
  1. Work hard. See numbers 2 & 3.  You will put in the work if you are passionate about what you want.
  1. Faith.  Believe in your higher power & yourself.

I am shooting to be exceptional by embracing these qualities; I hope you are shooting to be exceptional.  Please feel free to comment with suggestions or recommendations on how to be  exceptional.  Thanks for reading.


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