The Success Process


We are all aware of the ease of making a goal compared to the challenge of actually sticking with it.  Our goals should focus more on our process or progress toward a goal as opposed to the goal itself. Notice that I say progress.  Progress indicates positive, consistent actions toward an expectation or goal.   We have a much greater likelihood of sticking with our goals if we are focused more on the consistent actions to reach a goal.  Consistency in our actions leads to growing confidence, which strengthens our resolve in progressing toward our goals.  To be successful, we must consistently make progress.  Success doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time.  Achieving success is a process and not an event!

15 thoughts on “The Success Process

  1. Really encouraging! As someone who struggles with not beating myself up when I fail to accomplish things- it is reassuring and encouraging to know that I am still making progress in the right direction!


    • Thank you for reading and replying. Your reply is very encouraging for me. It is a blessing to know that the words I have written have encouraged someone! I wish you the best!


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