The Success Process


We are all aware of the ease of making a goal compared to the challenge of actually sticking with it.  Our goals should focus more on our process or progress toward a goal as opposed to the goal itself. Notice that I say progress.  Progress indicates positive, consistent actions toward an expectation or goal.   We have a much greater likelihood of sticking with our goals if we are focused more on the consistent actions to reach a goal.  Consistency in our actions leads to growing confidence, which strengthens our resolve in progressing toward our goals.  To be successful, we must consistently make progress.  Success doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time.  Achieving success is a process and not an event!


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  1. Really encouraging! As someone who struggles with not beating myself up when I fail to accomplish things- it is reassuring and encouraging to know that I am still making progress in the right direction!


    • Thank you for reading and replying. Your reply is very encouraging for me. It is a blessing to know that the words I have written have encouraged someone! I wish you the best!


  2. […] We are often looking for ideal solutions to our goals, problems, etc.  Many times, the ideal solution is not available.  However, we often have what we need within our grasp!  Especially in today’s day and age, the right people, knowledge, and skills can be a few clicks of a mouse away.  Technology has connected our world and opened doors that were not available several years ago.  I did not have the recommended or ideal tool for attaching the desk to the wall, but what I did have was good enough.  We may not have the absolute, best resources for what we are looking to accomplish, but we usually have enough to get started.  This is a message which especially needs to be conveyed to all, especially our youth.  Many come from challenged backgrounds, but there are people and resources that can put them on the road to overcoming their circumstances. We must have the awareness to recognize and share available opportunities and start on the process of success! […]


  3. […] One Game at a Time (the process). A team must focus on winning the game at hand, not the game that is 3 weeks from now or the championship.  Winning the game at hand put the team closer to its goal of making the playoffs or winning a title.  Same with us on an individual level.   We must focus on the steps to accomplishing our goal as opposed to the actual goal itself.  Mastering the steps will naturally result in accomplishing the goal. […]


  4. […] The same principles that apply to changing our physique apply to improving ourselves, whether it is our education, careers, starting a business, or simply getting your life together.  Whatever you are trying to do, you will likely experience some pain & strain along the way. Pain may come from a lack of resources. The amount of sacrifice and effort needed can generate stress. Setbacks can cause emotional pain. This is simply all part of the process. Our bodies require us to strain and sweat in order to reach a higher level of conditioning and health. There is no way around it.  Even though it is a great sacrifice, it is well worth it for the improvements to our health.  Well, guess what? Just like our bodies, we must go through pains to order to reach our goals. It is not easy. Sometimes you will want to quit. That is normal. Ask anyone who has sought to do things on a higher level; many will tell you that they considered throwing in the towel along the way.  However, they will all tell you this:  THE KEY IS NOT TO QUIT!  They will tell you that it is worth it in the end.  It takes a lot for all of us, myself included, to stay the encouraged and reach the next level.  Success is a process and not an event! […]


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