You’re On Track! (Part 1)


Approximately 6 weeks ago, the excitement of a new year captured our attention.  Many of us made resolutions as part of the New Year tradition.  We did it with the idea of making some sort of positive change.  Fast-forward 6 weeks later, the reality is some of us have probably been inconsistent with or abandoned our resolutions.  I am here to share some good news with you…….you are still on the path to accomplishing your goal!  Thank goodness, each day allows an opportunity to resume!  Remember, success is a process and not an event.  In many cases, the process involves some stumbles, whether it is failure or losing focus.  Many people who have achieved great success often had a number of stumbles, challenges, & failures along the way.  The success process often requires a lot of trial and error.  So celebrate the good news and be rejuvenated & refocused.  This is your time to resume your progress on the path to accomplishing your goals.  You got what it takes!!


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