Turn The Page!

Open blank lined notebook

Change is such a weird concept. It is probably one of the most difficult things to do, yet it can be easy once we make up our minds to do it. Most of us have probably heard someone say, “Boy, I used to __________, but got tired of getting caught up, in trouble, etc.; I decided to change and never looked back.” Wow, when people truly commit themselves to change, it seems to happen so easily. Granted, the process of change is not always comfortable, but being committed can somewhat ease the transition. One of my favorite motivational speakers, Les Brown, talks of “reinventing” yourself. To some, this may suggest that he is saying to forget where you came from. That is far from the truth. He is essentially talking about change. We must do things differently, such as changing habits, improving health, embracing a philosophy/spirituality, etc. Your life is like chapters in a book. It may take several chapters to get to the climax of your story. Reinventing yourself is the beginning of a new chapter and puts you one chapter closer toward the climax of your story!


Slow(?) & Steady

Slow and steady wins the race….shouldn’t the saying be nice and steady?  Who really wants slow?  Regardless, the idea behind that saying is the importance of being consistent.  Many times we tend to put a lot of energy into getting off to a fast start or finishing strong.  Don’t get me wrong, starting and especially finishing are extremely important.  However, we all value consistency………the restaurant that regularly provides quality meals, the sports team that is always competitive, the cell phone with reliable reception, just to name a few examples.  Who enjoys a team who wins 2 out of 10 games, even if the 2 victories are huge?  Who wants to go to restaurant that gets the order right 1 out of 5 visits? Consistency doesn’t mean perfection, because everything and everyone is capable of coming up short from time to time; but we should deliver to ourselves and others regularly.  Take dieting for example.  The person who maintains their diet 6 out of 7 days each week is WAY more likely to lose weight than the person who fasts once a week.  The same principle applies in our lives.  Focus on consistency as a key part of your success process!

You’re On Track! (Part 1)


Approximately 6 weeks ago, the excitement of a new year captured our attention.  Many of us made resolutions as part of the New Year tradition.  We did it with the idea of making some sort of positive change.  Fast-forward 6 weeks later, the reality is some of us have probably been inconsistent with or abandoned our resolutions.  I am here to share some good news with you…….you are still on the path to accomplishing your goal!  Thank goodness, each day allows an opportunity to resume!  Remember, success is a process and not an event.  In many cases, the process involves some stumbles, whether it is failure or losing focus.  Many people who have achieved great success often had a number of stumbles, challenges, & failures along the way.  The success process often requires a lot of trial and error.  So celebrate the good news and be rejuvenated & refocused.  This is your time to resume your progress on the path to accomplishing your goals.  You got what it takes!!